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  • Nonprofit and mission-driven for-profit entities, including US 501(c)3 and its non-US equivalents, C corporations, B corporations, and hybrid organizations.
  • Located anywhere in the world, as allowed by US law.
  • Leverages scientific breakthroughs or emerging technologies to tackle one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • A member referred to us by one of our Network Partners.
  • Early stage: we consider organizations from the post-seed to pre-series A funding stage. More specifically, the Prize is intended for:
    • Prototype or pilot: An organization or venture that has built and tested its product, service, or business model but has yet to enter the market. A clear proof of concept is required. If for-profit, the company has already raised seed funding.
    • Post-Pilot: An organization or venture that has already deployed and tested a product, service, or business model and has realized early impact with some traction (revenue, partnerships, etc.). If for-profit, a company must be beyond seed funding, but before series A.
  • Have submitted an application in English
  • Complete responses to all required application questions
  • Agree to all legal terms and conditions of the Prize grant program
  • Be able to legally receive grant funding from a US nonprofit foundation

Not Eligible

  • Idea, pre-seed, or pre-pilot staged ventures.
  • Non-profits or for-profit ventures that have received series A funding or beyond.
  • 501c4 or organizations promoting religious or ideological doctrine.
  • Academic institutions or organizations whose sole focus is the development of research.
  • Individuals
  • Pass-through entities; film or arts financing; endowments, cash reserves, or deficit reductions; public schools and school districts; government agencies; event sponsorship; political campaigns; emergency/disaster relief, humanitarian support; awareness building initiatives.

Evaluation Criteria

Our staff and community of external evaluators, experts and leaders from across industries and sectors will score applications along the following criteria:

  1. Innovative technology or scientific breakthrough: innovativeness of a new technology, discovery, invention, or scientific breakthrough.
  2. Potential for real-world impact: we’re interested in solutions that have potential for radical, game-changing impact.
  3. Scalability: we’re looking for a venture that has the potential to be scaled to affect the lives of millions (if not billions) of people.
  4. Relevance: the solution is aligned with one or more of the SDG’s and addresses a recognized and urgent issue that affects a significant population.
  5. Feasibility: leadership has a realistic, practical and financially feasible plan for achieving impact
  6. Track Record: though early stage, applicant/s has demonstrated some success, achieved tangible milestones, proven expertise in their field.

Timeline and Applications

  1. Prize Launch August 29, 2022
    Now through September 16, you are invited to learn about the Prize, register for an account in our system, review the application, and apply.
  2. Round One Deadline – September 16, 2022 by 5:00 PM Pacific
    Complete your registration and submit your application no later than Friday, September 16, at 5:00 PM Pacific. Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline and incomplete applications will not be considered.
  3. Round One Review – Rolling
    The Roddenberry Foundation reviews submissions to ensure they comply with Prize eligibility and rules. Advisors provide specialized expertise to reviewers, and Round One applications are evaluated against a scoring rubric.
  4. Round Two Opens – Rolling, through October 7
    A select number of applications will be invited to submit an application for Round Two of the Prize. Only those who are invited to Round Two will remain in consideration for the Prize.
  5. Round Two Deadline – October 14 by 5:00 PM Pacific
    All Round Two applications are due by Friday, October 14 at 5:00 PM Pacific. Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline and incomplete applications will not be considered.
  6. Round Two Evaluation – October 17, 2022 – December 16, 2022
    The Roddenberry Foundation team evaluates applications using the scoring criteria, with consultations from external advisors. Six of the top-scoring applicants will be invited to interview with the Foundation.
  7. Round Three Interviews – January 2023
    Six finalists will be invited to share their work and vision during a one hour meeting with the Foundation staff and board.
  8. Prize Awardees Announced – February 2023
    The Prize awardees are announced on this website, The Roddenberry Foundation social media, and via press release.