Grand Prize

About the Solution

Opus12 is a device that converts CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels that are cost-competitive with conventional products. Using only water and electricity as inputs, the Opus 12 device can be bolted onto any existing source of industrial CO2 emissions in order to convert those emissions into critical chemical products. By recreating “warp speed photosynthesis,” Opus12 has the potential to offset one third of global energy-related CO2 emissions.

The founding team of Opus12 is comprised of Nicholas Flanders (Chief Executive Officer), Etosha Cave (Chief Science Officer), and Kendra Kuhl (Chief Technology Officer). The team combines cutting-edge scientific expertise in the field of CO2 electroreduction, experience in scaling electrochemical technologies, successful startup experience, and an understanding of the global energy system. In 2016 alone, Opus12 received the Shell GameChanger grant and SBIR grants from NASA, DOE, and NSF.