About the Solution

With a unique social franchise model, Jibu blends the nonprofit and for-profit sectors into a holistic solution to health, employment and infrastructural challenges of the developing world. Jibu equips and finances aspiring entrepreneurs to launch safe drinking water franchises. Jibu’s custom-designed SolarPure technology can draw water from almost any source, purify with ultrafiltration, and bottle in 100% reusable containers. In less than two years, Jibu has grown to 33 franchises and 100 microfranchises, producing over 17,000,000 litres of water for communities in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya and creating over 400 jobs.

Galen Welsch lives in Kampala, Uganda where he leads Jibu as CEO. He received his B.A. in International Relations from Wheaton College and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) who served as Health Educator in Morocco ’10-’12 where he was awarded multiple project grants including USAID and World Connect. Galen is an Unreasonable Institute fellow (2014) and has been awarded social entrepreneurship fellowships and awards including SPRING, Sankalp, Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI), SOCAP, and the International Franchise Association (IFA).