Innovation Award

About the Solution

Sierra Energy, a waste-to-renewable-energy company, has spent over a decade developing FastOx- a gasification technology that converts garbage into clean electricity, effectively transforming a burden on society into a valuable energy and economic resource. This technology, developed and piloted in California and to be built and demonstrated in a Mexico City slum, has the potential to scale across developing countries throughout the world, establishing self-sustaining “renewable energy from trash” micro-economies.”

The FastOx team is made up of Paul Gruber (VP of External Partnerships at Sierra Energy), Daniel Dodd (VP of Engineering at Sierra Energy), Mike Hart (CEO at Sierra Energy), Deirdre Lynch (Senior Process Engineer at Titus Infrastructure), José Ramón Moreno (CEO at Limpieza y Recolleccion (Limre)), and Dr. Veronica Villarespe Reyes (Director at Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)). This team combines expertise in renewable energy, waste management, engineering, and local capacity building via a “base of the pyramid” approach and is based in California, USA.