Cancer Cell Map Initiative


Innovation Award

About the Solution

The Cancer Cell Map Initiative aims to provide a key resource for cancer genome interpretation, producing information about both the physical structure of cancer cells as well as the interactions between groups of genes as they function as pathways and networks. The initiative will initially focus on head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (the sixth most common malignancy worldwide with only a 40% survival rate) and breast cancer (the most common type of cancer in the United States, leading to over 40,000 deaths). The major outcome of this work will be a collection of comprehensive Cancer Cell Maps and Cancer Gene Ontologies as well as the application of these resources to hypothesis-driven investigation and personalized, precision medicine.

The Cancer Cell Map Initiative is co-directed by two California-based Professors. Trey Ideker is a Professor in the UCSD Department of Medicine, Bioengineering and Computer Science and co-directs the Cancer Genomes and Networks Programs. Nevan Krogan is a Professor in the UCSF Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Program and is the Principal Investigator at The Krogan Lab at UCSF’s Mission Bay Campus.