About the Solution

Bhungroo filters, injects, and stores excess farm water or stormwater underground for usage in the ‘lean period,’ ensuring adequate water for irrigation and other purposes while creating a zero water-footprint. This technology mitigates the effects of recurring flooding and/or droughts on poor farmers. Bhungroo targets women that remain at home to while their husbands migrate to cities in search of cash-paying jobs and features an open-source, gender centric, and gender managed process to enable these women to co-create the technology further for both economic and environmental development.

The Naireeta Services team is comprised of Ms. Trupti Jain and Mr. Biplab Paul. Trupti Jain, the founder and director of Naireeta Service Private ltd, is a globally acclaimed environmental expert with a background in gender-just policy faming. In her 25 years of experience, Jain has served communities as a grassroots worker, headed government departments for livelihood generation, and managed large scale donor funds. Jain is the recipient of the prestigious LEAD fellowship, Rockefeller Fellowship, and recognition as a Fulbright scholar. Mr. Paul serves as the director of Naireeta Services and manages localized technology implementation and adaptation.